Sterling Coilmaster Jr. TS Automated Plastic Coil Inserter

Key Features

  • Speeds up to 500 books per hour
  • Binds books from .3" to 1"
  • Easy setup and minimal space requirements

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The Sterling Coilmaster Jr. TS is the latest offering in the line of Coilmaster automatic plastic coil binding machines. It inserts plastic coil from the first hole onwards, then cuts and crimps. This tabletop plastic coil binder is an affordable and can bind books from 8 mm to 25 mm. Speeds of up to 600 books per hour can be attained. You can bind books with a variety of pitches, using round or oval holes. The touch screen facilitates ease of set up.

The Sterling Coilmaster Jr. TS offers quick and easy set up and minimal desktop space. Why bind books by hand when you can bind them quickly and easily with The Sterling® Coilmaster Jr. TS?

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