Mitsubishi TDP-459/324 2-Up Chemistry Free Polyester Computer to Plate

Key Features

  • Thermal inline head technology
  • Optimized for 2-up format with a resolution of 1200 dpi/120 lpi
  • No chemicals, toner or ink ribbon are necessary, providing easy maintenance
  • Capstan Imager
  • High speed - 75 plates/hr

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Mitsubishi Imaging makes going green affordable with the eco-friendly Thermal DigiPlate, the 2-up CTP system ideal for small printers who want an environmentally friendly upgrade from analog and electrostatic plates.

The Thermal DigiPlate System is eco-friendly because it is a truly processless system that uses Mitsubishi Imaging’s patented thermal fusing technology to create a high-contrast image on the plate without chemical development, wash-off or ablation. The system eliminates the need for chemicals, toner, ink ribbon, processer maintenance and chemical disposal reducing your business’ impact on the environment.

The Thermal DigiPlate System is comprised of TDP-R175 plate material and the Thermal DigiPlate TDP-459/324 platesetter. Easy to use and maintain, this unique system draws on Mitsubishi Paper Mills’ years of experience in CTP polyester and paper based technologies, as well as their thermographic paper technologies.

The Thermal DigiPlate System brings affordable green CTP production to small shops producing mostly one and two color jobs. With high speed production of up to 75 plates/hour and the capability of outputting plates from 10” width up to 18.1” width x 20.8” length, it is also well suited for high-volume environments looking for an eco-friendly option.

TDP-459 Product Information Video

Demonstrates design and capabilities of the TDP-459/324.

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