Xitron Prepress RIP and Workflow Software

Founded in 1977, Xitron quickly became known for reliable interfaces that allowed proprietary newspaper front-end systems to communicate with many of the most popular phototypesetters available. Known as "The Blue Box," the Xitron interface empowered users by letting them match their input and output needs regardless of the front-end manufacturer. As the typesetting world embraced the PostScript page description language along with desktop publishing in the early 1990’s, Xitron began bridging the gap between PostScript Raster Image Processors (RIPs) and laser-based imagesetters. Just as the "Blue Box" provided alternative solutions 15 years earlier, the Navigator RIP allowed users to choose an inexpensive, reliable RIP to drive imagesetters and platesetters from premier vendors such as Agfa, ECRM, Screen, and others. Today, Xitron’s Navigator RIP, Raster Blaster TIFF Catcher, and Xenith Workflow solutions are recognized as pre-press standards. Built around core technology from Global Graphics and Adobe Systems, Xitron engineers continue to develop stable, yet flexible solutions for the graphic arts market. Driving over 150 different models of imagesetters, proofers, platesetters, and digital presses, Xitron truly is, “The RIP Experts.”

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